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Private Medical Colleges in Punjab to Collect Fee Under New Mechanism

In an important meeting of the Provincial Admission Committee (PAC), the revised fee collection policy for private medical colleges in Punjab has been approved.

The meeting, held at the University of Health Sciences, was chaired by Secretary of the Specialized Healthcare and Medical Education Department, Ali Jan.

Following the approval of the new policy, medical students who get admission in their first choice college will be obligated to submit the entire tuition fee directly to the institution.

Now, students won’t have to deposit fees at the University of Health Sciences (UHS). The PAC’s decision is aimed at simplifying the payment process for students.

Furthermore, it has also been decided that candidates who do not opt for an upgrade after their initial admission will also deposit the entire fee directly to their respective colleges.

On the other hand, private medical institutes intending to collect full fee from students must comply with a new affidavit. They will adhere to the UHS’ policies concerning fee refunds and transfers.

Colleges will be legally obligated to refund all fees to students who choose to vacate their seat or is upgraded to another institution, within a week and without any deductions.

Strict action will be taken against institutes that are found violating these policies and legal action will also be initiated against them.

Source: Pro Pakistani