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Regal Motors Announces Installment Plan For Prince Pearl

The automotive industry is looking for new ways to increase its sales amid the skyrocketing prices and production problems.

Despite the recent drop in costs, prices still remain high, making it difficult for consumers to afford their dream cars. Now, almost every car manufacturer has started to introduce installment schemes in an effort to increase their sales.

In such an instance, Regal Automobiles has announced year-long installment plans for its Prince Pearl and K01 variants. The company, in a statement, said that their offer is aimed at making their vehicles more accessible to a wider range of customers.

According to the company’s announcement, there will not be any extra costs over buying their cars under the installment plans. Consumers can buy Prince Pearl at its current price tag of Rs. 1,850,000 in 12 monthly installments.

Similarly, the K01 variant is available at Rs. 2,070,000 under the same plan. For more information, you can contact your local dealership.

Source: Pro Pakistani