Pakistan to Receive 73 Million Rupees Prize for Playing ODI World Cup 2023

Pakistan will receive 73 million rupees as a prize money for winning four matches and playing the group stage of the ODI World Cup 2023.

The recently concluded ICC World Cup is set to bring financial benefits, particularly for Pakistan, despite their exit in the group stage. While their journey in the tournament was cut short, the team is set to receive a significant sum of money in recognition of their performance.

Securing victories in 4 out of the 9 matches played, Pakistan is slated to pocket a total of more than 73 million rupees. This includes a substantial portion from the specified prize pool of $10 million allocated by the International Cricket Council (ICC).

For their achievements in winning these matches, the team is entitled to receive $160,000, with the ICC allocating $40,000 for each match triumph. Additionally, an overall sum of $100,000 is designated for their participation in the group stage.

It’s important to note that despite their early departure, the financial acknowledgment is a testament to their on-field effort. The runner-up team of the tournament will secure $200,000, while the ultimate champions will walk away with $400,000.

This allocation of prize money by the ICC reflects their commitment to honoring the efforts and accomplishments of the participating teams, underscoring that while victory on the field is pivotal, recognition and financial support extend beyond the winner’s circle.

Source: Pro Pakistani